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Shield-Tek Fleet Liquid Laminate

Shield-Tek Fleet Liquid Laminate

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Water Based Clear Liquid Laminate

Excellent adhesion to UV-Curable or Solvent based inks.  A mar-scratch, water   and chemical resistant coating with superior U.V. light protection. 

Shield-Tek™ incorporates unique water-based polymer chemistry delivering a durable long lasting protective finish.  Featuring a proprietary adhesion technology ensuring optimized bonding to a variety of U.V. Inks and substrates.  For extreme environments and exceptional outdoor durability for Vehicles refer to Shield-Tek™ Fleet 4000 & Fleet High Performance 4050.


Applications - Uses

  • Banners
  • Signage
  • Billboards
  • Transportation Signage

Physical Data

Download Safety Data Sheet

Solids: 35% (Gloss);  40% (Matte)
Viscosity: 19-22 seconds #2 Zahn Cup @ 77 Deg F
VOC: 2.00 lbs/gal  •  239.65 g/L
Dry Time (1 mil wet): Air Dry @ 77F; 30 min / Force Dry @150F; 60 sec   

Application – Methods

Use as supplied.  Spray (HVLP), Brush or Roller; production coater, rods.  For higher film build apply two coats allowing at least one hour drying between coats (when applying two coats material should be reduced to allow for good leveling).  Reduction with water 5%-10% as needed, do not over reduce will interfere with adhesion and difficult wetting of substrates.  Substrate must be clean, free of oil, dirt, contamination.  Maintain wet film at all times, avoid drying on applicator equipment.

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