Liquid Laminate Coatings

Shield-Tek™ incorporates unique water-based polymer chemistry delivering a durable, long-lasting protective finish. Featuring a proprietary adhesion technology, an optimized bonding is ensured to a large variety of UV inks and substrates. Premium UV light stabilizers are added to inhibit UV light reaching, and damaging, the substrate. Shield-Tek™ is safe, water-based, NMP free, non-yellowing, and uses non-volatile or low-VOC solvents.

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Shield-Tek™ "Artistic"

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Formulated for digitally printed, water-resistant canvas and Giclee applications. Excellent durability, allowing the ultimate in flexibility and stretching without cracking. Zero VOC, zero solvent. Compatible with all inks.
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Shield-Tek™ "Versatile"

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Outdoor durable with the widest range of possible applications such as: canvas Prints, wall coverings, banners, signage, billboards, self-adhesive vinyl, poster board, and labels. Designed for commercial application, applicator and flood coaters.
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Shield-Tek™ "Fleet"

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Formulated to protect printed U.V. and solvent-based inks from exposure to U.V. light, water, humidity, and some chemicals. This makes it ideal for outdoor applications such as truck-side curtains, vehicle graphics, billboards, and banners.
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Mirror Backing Coatings



Conventional mirror backing formulations in leaded, ultra low lead, or lead-free formulations, with options optimized for either curtain and roll coat applications.

Vacuum Metalized


Vacuum Metalized mirror backing in solvent-based and water-based formulations.



Solar mirror backing, utilizing the unique Nike-Tech technology for an ultra low lead (near Lead free) two coat system that outperforms three coat systems from competitors.


Toll Blending & Private Labeling/Packaging

Toll Blending is a process in which our customers leverage our manufacturing capability and capacity to manufacture. Nike-Tech's customers provide a formula and some or all the necessary Raw Materials & Packaging to produce their confidential product. Nike-Tech blends the raw materials then packages and ships the products on demand. Toll Blending allows our customers to focus on developing products and enables Nike-Tech to drive down the cost of manufacturing for them.

Lab Services

Nike-Tech offers a full-service QC and R&D Lab to provide our customers with outstanding level of support. We perform analysis on raw materials and all finished goods to ensure the highest standards of quality are met. Retains of all production batches are maintained for 2 years or for as long as specified by the customer. Samples of each batch can be sent to the customer as well if so desired. Nike-Tech also has the capabilities of improving your existing products or formulating new products to meet your specifications.

Product Development

With over 45 years of direct experience in creating differentiated specialty products, Nike-Tech can meet the toughest of demands. A leader in coatings technology providing our customers the very best service and product oversight, keeping up with the latest technology in the industry, world class service.

OEM Industrial Coatings

Nike-Tech develops and manufactures a variety of industrial coatings for high performance corrosion ad chemical resistance applications. These include high solids, thermoplastic and thermosetting, both solvent and water based, VOC-compliant and conventional primers and top coats based on systems of alkyds, epoxies, urethanes, acrylics and water reducible.

Recent Project

We recently formulated and tested a solar mirror backing product for the largest solar project in the United States

  Nike-Tech Competition
# Coating Operations: 2 3
Lead Content: ULTRA LOW (<1%) >3%
Accelerated Acid Test: 2000 HRS CASS TESTING LESS
MFG Capital Expense: 33% SAVINGS EXPENSIVE $$$

About Us

Who we are and what we do

Over the past 45 years Nike-Tech has had exposure to a vast number of industries, from aerospace to digital coatings, such as liquid laminates. This broad exposure to many industries provides Nike-Tech expertise in formulating complex products at the highest levels of performance. We take pride in solving the most difficult global paint & coatings challenges.

As an example of the long history of Nike-Tech's founder, Jim Hughes, over the past 35 years, much of the current U.S. domestic mirror backing technology was based on his efforts at C.H. Draggert and Omega Coatings Company, which was later sold to Lilly Industrial Coatings, and, in time, re-invented at Sureguard Inc. Later these businesses were once again acquired and in turn split up and sold to two leading U.S. coatings/paint manufacturers which remain active today in the mirror industry.

Although many people have come and gone over the years, the initial foundation of innovative technology and quality is the basis of success at Nike-Tech, Inc.

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