Shield-Tek™ Versatile
Water-based Liquid Laminate Coating

Provides a durable, long-lasting, protective finish. In addition, the ‘Versatile’ coatings feature a proprietary adhesion technology that allows for optimized bonding to a variety of U.V. inks and substrates.

The ‘Versatile’ coatings are outdoor durable, come in Gloss and Matte variations, and have the widest range of possible applications such as: Canvas Prints, Wall Coverings, Banners, Signage, Billboards, Self-Adhesive Vinyl, Poster Board, and Labels.

Premium U.V. light stabilizers inhibit U.V. light reaching the substrate. Safe, water based, low VOC, non-yellowing. Designed for commercial application, applicator, and flood coaters. For higher viscosity needs, such as for Brush, Roller or Spray application, Versatile 3010 (Gloss) and 3055 (Matte) are recommended.

liquid laminate protective coating for outdoor signage, wall coverings, and canvas prints
liquid laminate versatile gloss and matte

liquid laminate one pint samples

liquid laminate 5 gallon plastic

liquid laminate usage example for outdoor banner

Versatile Gloss 3000
Versatile Matte 3500
Versatile Gloss - High Viscosity 3010
Versatile Matte - High Viscosity 3055

Applications - Uses

  • Canvas Prints
  • Wall Coverings
  • Banners
  • Signage
  • Bill Boards
  • Self Adhesive Vinyl
  • Poster Board
  • Labels

Product Suitability

  • Latex inks => 3000 - Versatile Gloss
  • Flexible, highly stable coat => 3000 - Versatile Gloss
  • Digitally printed wall covering => 3500 - Versatile Matte
  • Flat matte, fade, and mold-resistance => 3500 - Versatile Matte
  • Higher Viscosity for hand application => 3300 or 3505

Physical Data

Safety Data Sheet

Solids: 35% (Gloss); 37% (Matte)

Viscosity: 18-20 seconds #2 Zahn Cup @ 77°F

VOC: 2.00 lbs/gal (239.65 g/L)

Dry Time (1 mil wet): Air Dry @ 77°F; 30 min / Force Dry @150°F; 60 sec

Application – Methods

Use as supplied. Spray (HVLP), Brush or Roller; production coater, rods. For higher film build apply two coats allowing at least one hour drying between coats. Substrate must be clean, free of oil, dirt, contamination. Maintain wet film at all times, avoid drying on applicator equipment.