Shield-Tek™ Artistic
Water-based Liquid Laminate Coating

The Shield-Tek ‘Artistic’ coatings are extremely flexible and fast-drying premium acrylic clear coats specifically formulated for digitally printed, water-resistant canvas and Giclee applications. Excellent durability, allowing the ultimate in flexibility allowing stretching without cracking.

Premium U.V. light stabilizers inhibiting U.V. light reaching the substrate. Safe, water-based, no volatile solvents, non-yellowing, excellent adhesion, compatible with all inks. Apply with Brush, Roller or Spray.

The Shield-Tek ‘Artistic Elite’ coatings offer the same performance of Artistic 2000, 2200, 2500. Elite Gloss (2800) and Elite Semi-Gloss (2850) variations have been specifically formulated to work with fibrous-porous substrates and are perfect for fabric type materials, combatting micro-bubbles and pinholes in the coating film. For allowing ultimate control use Artistic Elite Reducer, offering perfection in customizing applications.

liquid laminate protective coating for fine art and canvas prints where ink needs protection.
liquid laminate artistic gloss and wallpaper matte

liquid laminate artistic elite gloss and semi-gloss

liquid laminate 5 gallon plastic

liquid laminate artistic with roller and canvas print

Artistic Gloss 2000
Artistic Satin 2200
Artistic Matte Wallpaper 2500
Artistic Elite Gloss 2800
Artistic Elite Semi-Gloss 2850

Applications - Uses

  • Canvas Prints
  • Fine Art
  • Digital Printing
  • Signage
  • Silk Screen
  • Self Adhesive Vinyl
  • Poster Board
  • Labels

Physical Data

Safety Data Sheet

Solids: 35% (Gloss); 38% (Satin); 40% (Matte)

Viscosity: 30-35 seconds #2 Zahn Cup @ 77°F

VOC: 0.50 lbs/gal (59.91 g/L)

Dry Time (1 mil wet): Air Dry @ 77°F; 30 min / Force Dry @150°F; 60 sec

Application – Methods

Use as supplied or reduce with water 5-10%. Spray (HVLP), Brush or Roller; production coater, rods. For higher film build apply two coats allowing at least one hour drying between coats. Substrate must be clean, free of oil, dirt, contamination. Maintain wet film at all times, avoid drying on applicator equipment.